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Morning View Arabians - Branding

Morning View Arabians

Known for their beauty and athleticism, the Arabian horse is so distinctive that most horsemen can easily pick one out from a herd. Morning View Arabians is a high-end breeder and seller of this distinguished breed, located in the extraordinarily beautiful Flathead Valley, Montana.

When tasked with creating a brand for Morning View Arabians, GTTS understood the importance that research and visual study would play in portraying the breed with accuracy and respect. We began by studying videos and photographs of Arabian horses; their shapes, movements, and breed characteristics, such as ear shape, forehead, nostril and muzzle size, and feature spacing.

Next, we worked to find a graphical balance between paying homage to the Arabian cultural heritage, without overshadowing the majesty of the horse itself. Lastly, we performed color studies to determine a color palette that spoke towards the royal nature of the breed, including adding a gold leaf metallic highlight to provide an optical and tactile feature to printed material.

After our branding work was complete, we rounded out Morning View Arabians marketing collateral with professional photography, business cards, envelopes and custom invitations.

Nathaniel Square Corner Store - Website

Nathaniel Square Corner Store

Nathaniel Square Corner Store is a craft-beer focused corner store in the South Wedge district of Rochester, NY. With over 200 craft beers in stock and four draft lines for growler fills, Nathaniel Square has become the go-to place for take-home beer selection.

Going to the Sun Marketing was first approached to create an interactive website where customers could browse current beer selections. The seasonal nature of many of the beers that Nathanial Square Corner Store carries necessitated that the website be easy to maintain from the administrative prospective, to allow staff to quickly add new offerings, and expire old ones, on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the website, Going to the Sun Marketing also helped Nathanial Square Corner Store design window and beer cool vinyl, and worked with a custom engraver to produce branded growlers.

Whitefish Credit Union - TV Ads

Whitefish Credit Union

With more than one billion dollars in assets, Whitefish Credit Union is the largest credit union in Montana. They emphasize financial security and reject risky lending and investing strategies for their members.

We began working with Whitefish Credit Union on bringing all of their marketing in line with a consistent brand, to emphasize the stability and professionalism that the Whitefish Credit Union offers their members. This process began with extensive market research, including focus groups and demographic analysis to ensure that all marketing was targeted to the correct audience, and with the appropriate message. The clean and conservative style we chose was inspired by their own reputation as a financially sound and fiscally conservative hometown establishment.

Since then, we have transitioned into handling all of their marketing, including annual budgeting, media buys, writing and producing television and radio ads, print ads, ongoing public relations and social media campaigns, rack cards, direct mail campaigns, brochures, business collateral, custom debit cards, t-shirts, and more.

Simplified Safety - Mobile

Simplified Safety

Simplified Safety is a wonderful example of the custom nature in which Going to the Sun can complement an already existing marketing department. Simplified Safety reached out to Going to the Sun Marketing for assistance in defining a new user experience for their website visitors, including improving navigation between pages, and driving customers towards the newest product offerings and customer service pages for support.

Understanding the importance of a proper mobile website viewing experience, Simplified Safety brought Going to the Sun Marketing on to design and develop a mobile version of the website, including determining the informational structure and content for the mobile version.

“GTTS has been able to bring me quality design at a reasonable rate. They have been willing to work within the constraints of past design and are responsive to feedback. I have found them easy to work with and able to flex with my project needs.”

—Chris Pollock, Simplified Safety General Manager


Van Loon Menard - Business Collateral

Van Loon Menard

Van Loon Menard is the premier divorce, family law and real estate law firm in Rochester, NY. They understand that they are often working with clients in an emotional or stressful situation, and pride themselves on working individually with their clients to asses and achieve reasonable goals.

Going to the Sun Marketing understood that the Van Loon Menard brand had to depict a high level of professionalism, to inspire confidence and credibility in the services they provide. We began be assessing local and national competitors branding, as well as the branding for other companies that have similar demographics, to determine an appropriate color palette. Next, we worked closely with Van Loon Menard to understand the important characteristics of their business, including what differentiates them from competitors. Using this information, Going to the Sun Marketing designed a brand that truly spoke to the level of experience that Van Loon Menard brings to each and every one of their clients.

Once branding had been established, Going to the Sun Marketing designed and facilitated the production of business cards, letterhead and envelopes, including paying particular attention to the quality of the paper stock used.

Elite Power Washing - Direct Mail

Elite Power Washing

Elite Power Washing is a pressure washing service in Rochester, N.Y. This eco-friendly business has quickly become the fastest growing power washing service in all of Western New York.

We first developed a completely new website for Elite Power Washing that met all the company’s needs, while still coming in under the agreed upon budget. To drive traffic to the new site and increase business, we also initiated a Google AdWords campaign for Elite Power Washing. In addition, we created several branded items including direct mail campaigns, business cards and business documents which reflected the company’s professionalism. For the Elite Power Washing fleet we created branded vinyl graphics which clearly displayed essential company information like their name and contact info, while remaining eye catching and attractive visually.

“GTTS marketing redesigned my website about two years ago. I had one but it was not even being seen. Once they revamped and introduced my company to Google Analytics it has been steady business. They have also helped brand my company through new business cards and estimate forms. They have put Elite Power Washing on the map in Rochester and I thank them for their hard work and dedication.”

— Tim Stiefel, Owner Elite Power Washing

P3 Systems, Inc. - eCommerce

P3 Systems, Inc.

P3 Systems is a reseller of used networking equipment, from such well known brands as Cisco and Foundry. Through their reclamation and refurbishment process, they are able to offer quality equipment at up to 70% off the retail price.

P3 Systems came to Going to the Sun Marketing when they were ready to increase the reach of their services, by creating a new website that accurately outlined the services, showed the range of products that P3 Systems offers, and enabled viewers to quickly put together a product quote request form.

Going to the Sun Marketing began by defining the P3 System brand, and then translated that brand into an attractive and user intuitive website that utilizes an incredibly powerful content management system (CMS). This CMS system allows P3 Systems staff to quickly and easily update their product listings, including viewing and responding to product quote requests.

We have also worked with P3 Systems on a variety of additional projects, including copywriting technical white papers, designing and developing an eBay store and email campaign, business collateral and a direct mail campaign.

Made In Nature - Packaging

Made In Nature

Made in Nature is one of the nation's largest fresh and 100% organic and gluten-free dried fruits producer. Their products include favorites such as raisins, prunes, dried apricots and lesser known flavor adventures such as dried figs (Black Mission and Calimyrna) and mangoes.

Going to the Sun Marketing first began working with Made in Nature on updating current packaging to meet Canadian packaging requirements, such as proper nutrition labeling, translation and statements of accuracy. Next, we helped apply their established packaging brand to the newest additions to their product line, including photographing the fruit, graphic design of the packages, and helping to establish a more efficient materials relationship for the packaging production.

Going to the Sun Marketing also produced a very popular, holiday-themed brochure that highlighted unique and delicious Christmas recipes that highlighted Made in Nature fruits in out-of-the-box ways. Going to the Sun Marketing created the recipes, designed, and facilitated the production of the brochures.

We have helped Made in Nature with a variety of additional projects, such as business cards, stickers, sell sheets, banners and custom illustrated t-shirts.

“I have had nothing but great results working with GTTS. Their whole team has always gone over and above my expectations to get me what I need. Their creative work has really helped us to express our brand and take it to the next level.”

— Wendy Goldner, Made In Nature director of marketing

Tipu’s Chai - Email Campaigns

Tipu’s Chai

Tipu’s Chai originally found it’s popularity after being served by the owner in his Montana-based Indian restaurant. Customers raved about the authenticity of the chai, and urged the owner to spin the recipe off into it’s own business. Tipu’s Chai found an explosion of interest after the free sample offer on their website was featured on a well-known coupon sharing website. Thousands of requests flooded in, and Tipu’s Chai was well on their way to becoming a household name for authentic Indian chai.

Tipu’s Chai brought Going to the Sun Marketing on to help capitalize on the marketing opportunity that their free sample interest presented. We initially set out to repair the relationship with potential customers who had requested a free sample but had not yet received it, by sending an email campaign that explained the situation and offered a discount on a future purchase. We also reached out to customers via social media, inviting them to interact with Tipu’s Chai directly. Then, we designed and facilitated the production of a visually stunning self mailer for future sample requests, that adhered to USPS mailing standards.

Going to the Sun Marketing also helped Tipu’s Chai at various marketing events, by producing take-away collateral, flyers, stickers, and contest entry forms.

“GTTS’s flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to adjust to our changing understanding of our marketplace, as well as their vision and encouragement of our fledgling business proved to be very beneficial at a crucial stage. I am happy to recommend GTTS to other businesses looking for marketing, especially if they are in a position to move into the lucrative military procurement business.”

— Varada Veum, Tipu’s Chai

Glacier Park International Airport - Outdoor Advertising

Glacier Park International Airport

Glacier Park International Airport is a public airport serving Flathead County, Montana, and the surrounding areas, and is the primary airport for Glacier National Park, a very popular tourist destination in both the summer and winter months.

Going to the Sun Marketing was brought on board while Glacier Park International Airport was working with the Montana Office of Tourism to promote travel and tourism in the area. Going to the Sun Marketing first began by branding the airport and their website as iflyglacier.com, and promoting that branding across various mediums, including print ads, luggage tags and banners. We then designed and developed a new website (no longer in use) that focused on the user experience, highlighting the most used features, such as flight status and check-in information. The website utilized professional photography shot and edited by Going to the Sun Marketing photographers.

Our work with Glacier Park International Airport also included an extensive, multi-city billboard campaign. Going to the Sun Marketing worked closely with the individual billboard companies and selected locations based on the visual placement and target demographics of viewers on that route.

Our marketing efforts were rounded out with additional projects such as posters, banner ads that ran on other websites and announcement banners to hang inside the airport.

Incredibly Edible Cookie Company - Product Photogrpahy

Incredibly Edible Cookie Company

Incredibly Edible Cookie Company is an artisan bakery in Rochester, NY, offering such exquisite creations as Fleur de Sel Caramel Brownies, Duchesse Almondines and Rochester Lilac Shortbread Cookies. Their creations are almost too beautiful to eat!

Incredibly Edible Cookie Company came to Going to the Sun Marketing when they were ready to begin offering their products for online purchase and local pickup or delivery. Going to the Sun Marketing knew that professional photography would be vitally important in showcasing the quality of the baked goods that Incredibly Edible Cookie Company creates, so we began by photographing a wide variety of their products in-house, including an astounding array of cupcakes and a towering cupcake cake display. We utilized a range of visually enhancements to help each baked good stand out, including fresh flowers and beautiful ribbon, and various baking components such as freshly shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

This photography formed the core of an eCommerce website solution that allowed Incredibly Edible Cookie Company to easily make product changes or additions as often as they wanted.

Landing at Angel Point - Copywriting

Landing at Angel Point

The Landing at Angel Point is the last piece of property available on the shore of Flathead Lake, in Northwestern Montana. This extraordinary property features unique topography, deep water moorage, and a gorgeous, natural pebble beach. The site has been completely prepared for the construction of a main residence, which can be designed to the buyers ultimate specifications.

RiverBend Realty, the realtors for the property, came to Going to the Sun Marketing to put together a marketing booklet that highlighted all of the stunning features that the Landing at Angel Point has to offer. Going to the Sun Marketing handled the photography, copywriting, graphic design, and helped facilitate the production of the final piece, including meticulously selecting a paper stock that would truly bring the photography to life.

To supplement this piece, Going to the Sun Marketing also designed and developed a matching website, over-sized brochure, print ad, and postcard, as well as managed a Google AdWords campaign focused on international buyers.

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